A look back at CTE Mission: CubeSat

Over the course of just 10 months, students across the country brought ideas for CubeSat missions from concept to launch. Watch the video of CTE Mission: CubeSat Flight Week and celebrate the finalist teams’ hard work and accomplishments over the past academic year.

Students reflect on their CTE experiences

On April 29, representatives from the five finalist teams spoke with U.S. Department of Education Program Specialist Albert Palacios at the CubeSat Developers Workshop. From the value of resiliency to the range of skills they learned, the students discussed what participating in the national challenge meant to them.

“Something that surprised me during this process was how much I learned about the significance of teamwork. A lot of us were experienced in very selective fields — a lot of people in Princeton, for example, had a background in 3D printing but not in software. I had some experience in software, but nothing at all in hardware. But working together and getting the correct resources, we were able to come up with something greater than the sum of its parts.”
Suhani, Princeton High School team student representative 

Find out about future Ed Prizes challenges

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Editor’s note: Quote has been edited for length and clarity.

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